The Sweet Potato is Deep in Memory. Everywhere in the World.

That is an understatement.

Sweet Potatoes are myriad, their colors ranging from the bright orange that, in the American South, we all identify as iconic, all the way to the sweet-sweet whites found in Virginia and North Carolina, the yellows and browns found elsewhere, and the exotic purples experienced in Japan and other parts of the world.

Memories of my long-gone grandmother and her many sisters swirl in my thoughts every time I bake a sweet potato pie, and lately, to honor her memory but more to love my husband and to use every last energy I have in my aging body to help him as he pursues an ancient dream to cook, to create, and to love us, his wife and children, by putting his food out into the world, I bake sweet potato pies often. Which means I think of my grandmother often.

The memories run deep. The meanings run deep. Way beyond "Who has the best sweet potato pie", although that is relevant, too.

I know mine is so good. There will always, however, be someone better. But mine is confident, and good. So good.

I cannot prepare a sweet potato without thinking of my mothers before me.

- Mrs. Davenport


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