Post-COVID-19 Dreams of Sweet Potatoes and a Family Future...

Dreams are what carry us through life, when pandemics hit or when mountains of debt or obligation undermine.

A few days ago, I packed up some of the kids into the van and drove along beautiful back roads - taking only 4 long turns and about 30 minutes - and went to see and breathe in the actual land that is my first choice for a community kitchen/cafe and creative space at the entrance to what I hope to be our family homestead and sweet potato farm.

As beautiful and pristine and full of potential as I thought, I felt awed and thankful to God that these dreams have arisen at this time and place, and that families like mine - and women like me full of love for our families and communities, and with skills and talents, but who are getting older and are often overlooked -  may find retreat and inspiration here.

Thank you so far to my first donors. Praying for more who believe and are inspired...


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